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8319 E. Hazelwood St., Scottsdale, AZ  85251

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Room photo samples:


Room 1:  ~200 sq ft Master Suite

(Private or shared room)

  • Private bath with shower
  • Dresser
  • Bedside table
  • Chair/ Recliner
  • ​Flat panel TV with basic cable
  • Internet Access
  • Call button system
  • All inclusive rate
  • (9) Private bedroom $3500- $4000
  • ​(1)​ Master Suite $5000​


Hazelwood Manor Assisted Living Costs

Assisted living costs in Scottsdale, Arizona can be quite expensive.  We are upfront with our pricing because we know that we offer a superior living environment.  With our assisted living home model, we offer a much higher caregiver-to-resident ratio than most larger assisted living facilities.

Room Rates as of January 2021

All rates are per person and are billed on a monthly basis.  The daily rate is shown here for your convenience and is based on a 30 day month.  Before a new resident moves in there is an assessment of the level of care (LOC) required.

Based on the LOC there may be additional charges assessed.  The rate is guaranteed not to change for the first 6 months that a resident is with us.  We strive to have an "all inclusive" pricing model as best we can.  All house meals, snacks, beverages, basic laundry, cable TV, internet access, newspapers and magazines are all included in the rates shown here.

Private room start at $3,500- $4000.  Daily rate is $132

Master Suite with private bath starts at $5000. Daily rate is $165

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